Public wifi security with VPN

When you use public wifi you get easily a victim of ‘wiretappers’ and other cyber criminals. Why is that? Because such networks are too easy to break into. With just the right software it is child’s play for those criminals to recover all your data you send over the network. With a VPN connection you have the best wifi security you can have to protect yourself of intruders.

Use wifi safely with VPN as wifi security

Download and upload privately

Videos, pictures, identity and credit cards.. it is important to keep private what you upload and download. Especially when you deal with sensitive documents or whenever you don’t want to be traced back by your government for downloading that movie.

Protection on all platforms

Extra wifi security with a secure VPN connection does not just apply on only your laptop, of course your mobile phone and all other wifi devices need the same security if you want to protect their data too. The majority of the VPN services offered on the website of have the possibility to secure your wifi on all your devices, at the same time.

How does VPN bring extra wifi security?

VPN ‘wraThe latest and greatest protocolsps’ your data in a new unbreakable package and sends it over the network. Using protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, SSTP, SoftEther and IKEv2, offering up to AES-256 encryption, you’re safe and sound on any WiFi network.

Music, videos, pictures, credit cards, identity… it’s important to keep what you download and upload private with good wifi security. It’s especially important for
businesses who regularly exchange sensitive documents. 

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