Why you should not use free VPN

VPNs are an indispensable tool for digital privacy. Sadly not many free VPN providers are trustworthy, secure and reliable.

What will VPN do?

A VPN provides you with encryption to secure your data. That means that governments, ISPs, landlords, or anyone else that might be trying to ‘sniff’ your traffic can’t see what you are doing. Furthermore, a VPN allows you to ‘spoof’ your location to overseas. This can allow you to access Geo-restricted content.

Free VPN Dangerous - why you shouldnt use it

A Warning

Many free VPNs are a security nightmare. Free VPNs often sell user data on to third parties. Others handle data in an insecure way or provide outdated encryption that can be easily hacked. That is why we must urge you never to download an untrusted free VPN. The ramifications could be serious!

Remember, we highly advise subscribing to a fully featured VPN service. Costs are low, and there really is no substitute for the security that you get with a fully featured VPN!

But there are proper ‘paid’ VPNs offering there services for free. Often there are limits in means of data caps or limited time of use. See here below the three best VPN services with free options:

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