What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

As you read this, your computer is connected to the physical internet. This makes it possible for you to reach every website from every corner of the world. The network is physical, it means it consists out of a huge web of wires and network devices such as switches and routers. Over these wires run many data packages of different users from different (web-) sites. It is like a busy highway.

What is vpn?

What is VPN?

But what is VPN? Beside a physical network, you can create your own network just with software, it becomes a ‘Virtual’ network. If you do so, you can only access computers and servers connected to this ‘virtual’ network.

It is also a ‘Private’ network, because people and websites not connected to this virtual network have lack access and can not reach your computer. This network of computers virtually connected to each other by using the same software/settings is called a ‘Virtual Private Network’, in short: ‘VPN’.

What is VPN-server?

Once you start using VPN, there will be a possibility of using a ‘server’. This server is part of your Virtual Private Network and let it look like this network is inside a certain country. Let’s say you connect your computer in a network of a server based in Germany, it looks like your computer is physically in Germany.

What is VPN meant for?

A ‘Virtual Private Network’ brings you a legion of advantages. Think about content only accessible in Germany (TV programs, soccer e.g.), this becomes suddenly available for you once connected to a VPN with a server in Germany! You connect to a server in China and the website of China Airlines thinks you are a local resident and gives you local prices for their flights. Other way around: When you are in China, but connected to a server in the United States, you have suddenly access to Facebook and Google!

Even more important advantages than others might be safety. Your network is ‘Private’ and ‘encrypted’, it means others cannot see your internet traffic. You can safely send confidential information without being tapped.

VPN is increasing in popularity every day where hacks and access blocks became order of the day.