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Founded and still based in Odessa, Ukraine Malaysia, VPN Unlimited is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider built by a team of IT experts from Ukraine and all around the world.

Their statement on what VPN Unlimited makes different from the rest: “Our team of experts realize that software is just a tool that helps achieve results. We understand there is a human element with development, which is why we combine information technology, case analysis, and solve problems for our users in a timely and professional manner.”

The company currently has more then 300 VPN servers located in 47 countries all over the world. Their team is composed of expert IT security personnel who believe that everyone deserves to be protected while using the internet.

Despite VPN Unlimited is a new player in the market, it has emerged as one of the top VPN providers already today, offering users additional security and privacy, as well as a means of accessing blocked, censored or otherwise restricted online content.


How It Works

Like other VPN providers, VPN Unlimited requires the installation of basic client software, which allows customers to connect to the VPN Unlimited private network. After running the software, users are then able to choose their required settings and find a server they wish to connect to.

Upon connecting, internet traffic is tunneled through a server and the user also takes on the server’s IP address, making them anonymous online. Their true location will also be obscured and their online activity will appear as if it is originating from the server. This can be used to access content which is usually geo-restricted.

In addition to this, all internet data is encrypted, giving the user an extra level of security. The encryption ensures that all online activity is safe from unwanted snooping, hacking or other threats. In fact, even ISPs will be unable to monitor internet activity while using the service.

The Client:

VPN Unlimited protects your online data by providing an encryption tunnel between your device and their VPN servers. This tunnel encrypts data and information being sent and received to and from the internet, in order to safeguard your data from individuals and organization that tries to steal or hack information about your browsing activities.

VPN Unlimited also prevents governments, organizations and ISPs from throttling your connection speed and restricting your online access by hiding your traffic from their inspections. This allows you to access your favorite sites without worrying about being blocked or redirected from it.

Furthermore, VPN Unlimited conceals your online identity and location from phishers, hackers and other malicious individuals by substituting your IP address with their own IP address. This process allows you to surf the internet privately and anonymously.

VPN Unlimited’s services are currently highly compatible with a number of different devices and operating systems, ranging from PCs and Macs to tablets and mobile phones.

You don’t need to do special settings, just download their app to Android, Windows Phone or iPhone’s iOS.

You can find a list of compatible devices on their website.

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Features and benefits of VPN Unlimited

Unlimited bandwidth and server connects

VPN Unlimited provides all users with unlimited bandwidth and server connects up to 5 devices simultaneously.

KeepSolid Wise protocol

The team behind VPN Unlimited (Keep Solid) has developed a special technology called KeepSolid Wise that provides an extended online freedom, allowing to bypass any restrictions set by governments, ISPs or other corporations. With the TCP 443 port and the OpenVPN protocol forming its backbone, their new stealth technology becomes extremely difficult to detect and block. The VPN traffic appears like an innocent-looking transformed traffic instead, e.g. standard HTTPS, that makes it invisible to Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) firewalls.  KeepSolid Wise is available for iOS 9 or later, Android, Windows, and Linux devices at no additional cost.

Allows torrent

VPN Unlimited allows all users to access torrents. They offer dedicated servers specially designed for downloading torrents.

No logging of records

The VPN Unlimited system is specifically designed not to log any user’s browsing activity and information. They do not store customers IP address, phone number, name or any other personal information. The only thing they do keep record of is the email address of the subscriber.

Device Compatibility

VPN Unlimited supports Apple TV, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OSX, iOS iPad, VPN iPhone, Android, Linux Ubuntu, Windows Phone 10, Windows phone 8.1, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome extensions. They also provide easy to use applications with one click connect, auto server selection, auto reconnect and auto connect on start-up.

Free 7 day VPN plan

VPN Unlimited offers a free VPN plan to their users.
The free VPN plan allows users to connect to all server locations with unlimited bandwidth or data usage.

Customer Support

VPN Unlimited provides customer support though an online ticket system.
Users can also get answers to common questions and installation instructions with their FAQ’s and Setup section.

VPN on iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or Android

Download VPN Unlimited from the app store, install it and sign in. Get a quick introduction and click on your desired server/location to connect. Now you are done and will be able to your local television and surf securely.

Encrypts your online activity

VPN Unlimited protects you from hackers, phishers and other entities by encrypting your browsing activities. Their service secures your personal information and documents, such as passwords, personal files and credit card information, so that you can be free from worries and potential troubles.

Circumvent censorship

Some countries in the world has internet restrictions and limitations that dictates what sites and application are allowed to be accessed. But, with VPN Unlimited’s service, you can easily circumvent these conditions and be free to access any site and application that you want, anywhere in the world.

Watch global TV

VPN Unlimited provides you access to global TV and videos from BBC, HBO, Hulu and other streaming sites anywhere in the world. Unfortunately it does NOT work with Netflix.

Use VPN in China

VPN Unlimited provides 5 VPN regions for their users in China – Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong. Also, for stable VPN connection they recommend using a special KeepSolid Wise mode. This mode is available for iOS 9 or later, Android, Windows, and Linux devices. You can enable it in the Options tab of VPN Unlimited.

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Speedtest and security

  • Upload Speed: 1.50 Mbps
  • Download Speed: 8.5 Mbps
  • Ping time: 98 ms
Server locations

VPN Unlimited runs servers in the following countries: Austria Australia Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Germany Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Ireland Isle of Man Israel Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Netherlands Norway Panama Poland Portugal Romania Rusia Singapore South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom United States

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Customer Support

The main VPN Unlimited website includes a number of tutorials, as well as a basic Frequently Asked Questions page, which goes over the most common issues customers are likely to face when using the product. Users are also able to access a forum, on which they may be able to find answers to additional questions.

In the event that neither the website or forum is able to provide an answer to a question or concern, customers have the option of contacting the support team directly. This can be done by using a ticket-based email help system, which generally offers swift response times.

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VPN Unlimited Plans and Pricing Overview

Clear pricing. Rates only depends on contract time, not on futures.

Payment methods

Hide Me payment methods

They offer various ways to purchase subscriptions, including Bitcoin, PayPal, Amazon, Credit (Visa/Mastercard) and Gift cards, as well as iTunes and Google play in-app-purchases. You can find the available pricing plans in the Purchasing tab of the VPN Unlimited app.

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VPN Unlimited: Pros and Cons

  • Unlimited bandwidth and server connect
  • Up to 5 simultaneous devices connected
  • No logging of records
  • Bitcoin Payment
  • 7 day free VPN plan
  • Allows torrent
  • Wide range of device compatibility and apps
  • Cheap player in the market
  • No support of Netflix
  • No live chat support

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Keep Solid’s VPN Unlimited service is relatively new in the market, but already a serious competitor to reputed providers as Vypr and Hide.me.

Their software is easy to setup, supports more devices with easy-to-use apps than any other VPN provider at the moment. And offers a reliable dedicated service for those who likes to stay safe on the web, watch local television or download torrents.

Unfortunately Netflix is not supported over their network. This is really the only real disadvantage we could tell about VPN Unlimited, since their value is great for their insanely low rates (starting from 1 €/$ per month).

3.92/5 (2)

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