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Are there cheaper flight tickets (cheapest flights) then on or

Short answer: Yes that is possible! It is pretty simple and we will explain this method to get the cheapest and most affordable flights possible.

Probably you use fare comparison sites like the popular websites or They compare dozens of flight booking websites and bring you prices of the cheapest flights of the cheapest booking web sites.

But did you know that fares are also location based? It means that a ticket for a flight from Amsterdam to Hong Kong will cost more when booked in Norway then in China, despite you use the best fare comparison website.

Let’s take an expample: You live in France and would like to go for holliday in Thailand. So you start you looking on the internet and might use a website like You search for Paris – Bangkok from April 13th untill April 21st and will get those prices:

Cheapest flights with use of vpn

You think those are the lowest you can get.. But there is a ‘hack’! A Skyscanner-hack, a Kayak-hack, however you wanna call it. What makes you get the cheapest flights possible. Here is how it works!:

1. Clear all cookies from your internet browser. These cookies can still remember you current location, what is not a good idea.

2. You open a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection with a server abroad – for example India. This is neccesary to get the cheapest flights.

Connection India
3. After being connected, open the same search website (again) – in this example and enter your preffered destination and dates.

Cheap flight ticket wiht help of VPN

4. Voila! You see the price has dropped with €143,- just by changing your ‘location’ with a VPN server in India! That could be a couple of hotel nights in a really nice hotel in Bangkok when you arrive!

Please note that this system does not always work for all flights and destinations. Make sure you choose a VPN server from a country where tickets are less likely to be sold expensively.

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